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Data Collection


Online Data Collection

CICIC is a proud and long-time user of Confirmit. Confirmit is recognized as the global leader in online survey hosting, design and innovation.Partnering with CICIC Research for your online study allows us to offer the following:

  • Pre-field testing of every survey via test link
  • Real time reporting on completes, incidence and questionnaire length
  • Real time top line results including open ends
  • Multilingual interviewing
  • Flash programming, video files, drag and drop exercises
  • Concept and logo testing

Online Sampling

The key to good online data collection is heavily influenced by who the respondents are. CICIC draws on its superior knowledge of the market research sector to know who best to utilize for sample. By leveraging our roster of panel providers we are able to match your needs with the best solution. This means that your research is done accurately, efficiently and cost effectively.


Telephone Data Collection

CICIC Research has long-standing relationships with some of Canada’s best known telephone research companies. This allows us to shop the market for the best partners and appropriate technology. Partnering with CICIC Research for your CATI study allows us to offer the following:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote questionnaire testing
  • Bilingual interviewing
  • Ongoing progress updates
  • Incidence and budget trouble shooting
  • Dialling across Canada and into the United States
  • Adherence to MRIA and international industry standards

Telephone Sampling

Whether your study requires RDD sample or utilizes client-supplied lists or targeted leads, CICIC has the necessary experience to establish and track quotas and other critical variables. This ensures that the interviews are completed in a manner and distribution that matches the specifications of the project.

Throughout the field duration of the study, quotas and variables are monitored carefully to deliver work accurately and on time.

Data Processing


All of our data processing is done in-house. This means your information is safe, secure and tamper-proof. Nothing leaves our servers. Nothing goes to an outside vendor.


CICIC provides fast and accurate tabulation services with output in Microsoft Word or Excel. Tabulations can be offered with significance testing (T-Test, Z-Test, Chi-Square), unlimited banners and unlimited runs.

Data delivery

Your data can be delivered in all standard formats, including SPSS, Excel, CSV, tab-delimited text and fixed-width text. As part of our standard delivery, a clear and precise data map, describing the structure, variable names and value labels, is provided with all data files.


CICIC provides open end coding services for both English and French surveying. By leveraging our network of contacts, open end coding for other languages can also be provided.


Multivariate weighting is a complex task with many pitfalls. The data analysts at CICIC have the expertise to create, calculate and analyze the most demanding weighting matrixes. Validity tests are also applied to ensure that no group is too heavily affected by the weighting process.

Portable reporting solutions

CICIC offers fully branded reports on dynamic PDF files that you can share with your clients and colleagues. With features such as dynamic filters, drilldowns and graphs, our portable reporting solutions are aimed at analysts, executives and decision-makers who value clarity and an appealing presentation.